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Beta software You are using a software that has not reached a stable version yet. Please beware that interfaces might change, APIs might disappear and general breakage can occur before 1.0.

If you plan to use this software for something important, please read the roadmap, and the issue tracker in Github. If you are unsure about the future of this project, please talk to the developers, or (better yet) get involved with the development of success-backup-check!


Move user files on a server from a place where the user has write rights & move it to an archive or backup folder, where to user has no read or write access.

A use case example: Daily backup of a point-of-sale database. So that every point-of-sale device has only the current database in the storage. The 2 server check in the operation when was the last backup & send an email if the current database on the server is to old.

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